Category: 2022.07 Ionian and Adriatic Seas


Adriatic Sea

I had three cruises in the Adriatic Sea in this busy summer. These were in between cruises in the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea and working on boat repairs in Preveza. Adriatic cruises begin in Corfu with a seaday to Trieste followed by stops in Zadar, Kotor, Dubrovnik, Bari and back to Corfu 19th …


Ionian Sea

I flew to Corfu with H from BER and stayed overnight at the Corfu Holiday Palace near the airport. The next day H got a transfer to the port to join her ship. I rented a car at the airport. For dinner, I had the inevitable ouzo, Greek salad, and moussaka at CafĂ© Kanoni. The …