Chilled Chile – Amalia Glacier

Day 34, 09.11.2018, Amalia Glacier and Torres del Paine NP, Chile,

We had the morning weaving through very complicated mountainous islands and fjords. It’s a big landscape with no sign of human habitation anywhere. It must be really nasty in the winter.

The last few miles to the glacier saw lots of mini-icebergs in the water and some dolphins. A boat with a photo/video crew was launched and a drone released to capture the moment. Off-duty crew, most of them tropical creatures, were allowed on the forward deck to gawp at the glacier and were kept from freezing to death by applications of hot chocolate dispensed by yours truly. H and I also dragged a supply down to the fairly warm Engine Room for those on-duty who could only watch it on a TV screen.

Amalia is a big tidewater glacier. Some accounts say it is still growing, others say retreating. The latter is most likely in my view and soon it will be a big tidewater glacier no more.


Day 35, 10.11.2018, Pacific Ocean West of Chile,

A sea day. Cool but sunny.

H and I were invited to a evening barbecue party for Deck and Engine crew. At one stage I was at a table with the Captain and the Bosun. The Captain said to the Bosun, “Bosun, Bosun, tell us a story” and the Bosun began. “It was a dark and stormy night and the Captain said to the Bosun…”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a dark and stormy night but a very pleasant sunset over the Pacific and I just made up that conversation. They don’t say stuff like that in German but I was amused that it was almost possible.