Last Tango in Buenos Aires

Day 26, 01.11.2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina,

H was busy so in the morning I went out on the streets of Buenos Aires by myself with bike. Mostly around the Casco Historico with its excellent neoclassical, art-nouveau and art-deco buildings and also around Puerto Madero with its derelict docklands turned entertainment/business centre. There were several demonstrations going on especially around the Obelisco area but I couldn’t tell what they were about. They seemed good-natured enough. Quite possibly they were demonstrating about all the half-completed building works and the terrible state of the roads.

Later in the evening we thought about going for an open air, slow slow quick quick slow Tango but it never happened as time was short and the streets too congested to risk missing departure.


Day 27, 02.11.2018, Atlantic coast of Argentina,

A sea day. Slow slow slow internet. More photos when it is quick quick.


Day 28, 03.11.2018, Atlantic coast of Argentina,

A sea day.