Bula from Sugar City

Day 58, 4.12.2018 , Lautoka, Fiji. 

We have been to these islands before. Fiji is very nice in places but not here. Lautoka is a sugar cane processing town and port on the west side of the big island of Viti Levu. It’s a bit industrial and rough around the edges. H had to stay on board and I was not in the mood for schlepping around iffy tourist places in the heat so I just went to the market. The market was just as I remembered it. I even remembered where the kava root stalls were.

Kava is a root of a pepper-related plant. It is grown in Fiji and other Pacific islands. When ground and steeped in water it makes a mildly intoxicating drink. The drink is used for both social and ceremonial purposes and is traditionally drunk from a big wooden bowl using coconut shells. My experience is that it is like drinking from a muddy puddle and it only makes your lips numb but maybe I wasn’t doing it right. I use my kava bowl to keep fruit in these days.


Day 59, 5.12.2018 , South Pacific Ocean 

Sea day.