Some Other Trips Around Europe

2019.04.29-30 Prague, Czech Republic

A quick visit for some cheap medical stuff and a stroll over the Charles Bridge.

2019.05.11-12 London, UK

Had a bit of tourism in London from our usual base at the Tower Hotel. We Ubered to Leadenhall Market and then the nearby Duck & Waffle 40-odd floors up in the Heron Tower. Visited new grandchild near Hackney and went to Freddie’s 60th at Vout-O-Rennee’s club near Tower Bridge.

2019.05.14-17 Rostock, Germany

Drove from Berlin to Rostock on the Baltic Sea coast so Heike could attend a training course and see people in her Head Office. We stayed on a floating hotel near the training centre called Wohnschiff Severa. We’ve stayed here before. The cabins are tiny but presumably they are cheap.

2019.05.19-26 to Preveza, Ionian Sea Greece

A trip to see our rotting boat on the hard in Preveza and to renew our Greek cruising permit papers. We cleaned up a bit but not much else. She will stay out of the water this year as we are a bit busy.